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Are AirPods waterproof, Apple’s AirPods have become a ubiquitous accessory for music lovers, tech enthusiasts, and everyday users alike. Their sleek design, seamless integration with Apple devices, and impressive sound quality have made them a top choice in the wireless earbuds market. However, when it comes to their resistance to water and other liquids, many users wonder: Are AirPods waterproof? In this article, we will delve into the truth behind the waterproofing capabilities of Apple’s iconic earbuds.

Understanding Water Resistance:

Before we dive into the specifics of AirPods, it is important to understand the concept of water resistance in electronic devices. Water resistance refers to a device’s ability to withstand exposure to water to a certain degree without getting damaged. 

Are The AirPods Pro 2 Waterproof? What The IP Rating Means

However, it is crucial to note that water resistance is not the same as being completely waterproof. Different devices have varying levels of water resistance, which are measured through international standards such as the IP rating.

IP Ratings and AirPods:

The International Protection (IP) rating system provides a standardized method for assessing the level of protection offered by electronic devices against water and other foreign particles. AirPods, both the regular and Pro models, come with an IPX4 rating. This means they are classified as water-resistant and can withstand splashes of water from any direction, such as rain or sweat during workouts. However, the IPX4 rating does not guarantee protection against submersion or prolonged exposure to water.

AirPods Pro and Water Resistance:

Are AirPods waterproof, while the regular AirPods are not designed for submersion, the AirPods Pro boasts slightly improved water resistance. The AirPods Pro carry an IPX7 rating, which signifies they are capable of being submerged in water up to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. This makes them more resilient to accidental water exposure compared to their non-Pro counterparts. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the IPX7 rating applies to freshwater only, and exposure to saltwater or other liquids may still cause damage.

Practical Considerations:

Despite the IPX4 and IPX7 ratings, it is important to exercise caution and avoid unnecessary water exposure for both AirPods models. While they are designed to handle light splashes and accidental exposure, subjecting them to water-intensive activities like swimming or showering is not recommended. Water damage resulting from such activities may void the warranty and render the devices non-functional.

Are The AirPods Pro 2 Waterproof or Water- Resistant?

Tips for Protecting Your AirPods:

To ensure the longevity of your AirPods and protect them from water damage, consider the following tips:

Avoid submerging your AirPods in water: 

While the AirPods Pro has a higher water resistance rating, it is still best to prevent submersion whenever possible.

Protect against sweat and rain: 

If you plan to use your AirPods during workouts or in rainy weather, consider using a protective case or cover to minimize water exposure.

Clean with caution: 

When cleaning your AirPods, use a slightly damp cloth or a non-abrasive wipe. Avoid using excessive water or submerging them in cleaning solutions.

Store properly: 

When not in use, keep your AirPods in their charging case to provide an additional layer of protection against moisture.


Q: Can I wear AirPods while swimming?

No, wearing AirPods while swimming is not recommended. Despite their water resistance rating, AirPods are not designed for prolonged submersion in water, particularly in swimming pools or the ocean. Extended exposure to water can damage the internal components and compromise their functionality.

Q: Can I use AirPods during intense workouts?

Yes, you can use AirPods during intense workouts. They are designed to withstand sweat and light splashes, making them suitable for most exercise activities. However, it is important to clean them regularly and prevent excessive moisture buildup, as sweat can still impact their performance over time.

Q: Are AirPods resistant to rain?

Yes, AirPods, both regular and Pro models, are rated IPX4, which means they are resistant to splashes of water, including rain. However, it is advisable to avoid exposing them to heavy downpours or submerging them in water, as this can lead to damage.

Q: Can I clean my AirPods with water?

While it is generally safe to clean your A


In conclusion, while AirPods are not completely waterproof, they do offer a certain level of water resistance. The regular AirPods have an IPX4 rating, providing protection against splashes and sweat, while the AirPods Pro offer enhanced water resistance with an IPX7 rating, allowing them to withstand short-term submersion. 

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